NDIN Bulletin:

A recent outbreak of swine influenza “H1N1” was confirmed by the CDC and World Health Organization on April 24th, 2009 when an outbreak that originated in Mexico resulted in eight confirmed cases were diagnosed in California and Texas. Within 72 hours, two schools in New York City and subsequent cases appeared in several other states. On Sunday, April 26th the Center for Disease Control (CDC) declared a public health emergency as a precautionary measure and encourages preparedness. The CDC and the White House assure the public that there is no cause for alarm. The outbreak cannot be contained and has now spread throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States – was well as New Zealand and Europe.

As part of the mission of the National Disaster Interfaiths Network, we are closely monitoring the needs of local, regional and state disaster chaplaincy and disaster interfaith organizations to respond to this threat. NDIN will continue monitor the situation, share resources and maintain  regular contact with public health officials and authorities on both national and local levels. NDIN encourages disaster chaplaincy and interfaith organizations to also reaching out to public health official and to potential collaborative responders through the network of agencies affiliated National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters as well as local and state VOADS.

"Swine flu is currently being handled by the health authorities," said Peter Gudaitis, President of the Board of Directors of NDIN. "We are, however, prepared to share resources and information across our networks should we be needed."

NDIN is in the process of posting extensive information about preparing for the swine flu and other potential pandemic influenza outbreaks our web site. This site links to the latest public health information as well as strong examples of pandemic preparedness plans and faith-based resources that can help disaster spiritual caregivers and recovery organizations to maintain business continuity and provide for ‘house of worship” gathering needs should an outbreak occur.

"It is our hope that by preparing for the possibility of an influenza pandemic, the NDIN network will be better able to protect each other and serve those in need," said Gudaitis.

For more information about pandemic influenza visit n-din.org/panflu To support NDIN programs, please send your donations to:

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