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iNET - National Disaster Interfaiths Network
June 2010 Issue
Welcome to iNET
Welcome to iNET, the e-newsletter of the National Disaster Interfaiths Network (NDIN).

To date, there have been four disaster declarations in June, all for wild fires in Hawaii and the Southwest – down from 10 in May. Recovery efforts remain underway from earlier seasonal storms, resulting in severe flooding and tornados. However, the early-May Nashville floods and the Deep-Sea Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico remain the largest responses underway.

Please keep these impacted communities and their caregivers in your prayers and give generously to National VOAD agencies and established disaster interfaiths and long-term recovery committees. If you can make a donation or lend a volunteer hand in oil clean-up or storm recovery, please contact your National VOAD partners!

As always, if you have questions or comment about iNET, or if you have news that you want to submit to us, please e-mail Joshua Wilwohl, Editor, at editor@n-din.org.

Peter B. Gudaitis, M.Div.
President, Board of Directors
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:: Register Now: Upcoming Disaster Chaplain Training on Long Island
:: Gudaitis Delivers Keynote at LA County Interfaith Disaster Preparedness Summit
:: NDIN Offers Consulting and Training for Faith Communities & Their Partners
:: CDC Response: Resources for the BP Oil Spill Disaster
:: NOAA: Hurricanes and the Oil Spill Fact Sheet
:: Homeland Security Committee Examines Oil Spill Damage
:: Deep-Sea Horizon Oil Spill: Development of a Mobile Oil Reporting App
:: New York Closes Haitian Earthquake Family Resource Center
:: White House Official Visits Damaged Homes in Tennessee
:: Progress Report on Children and Disasters: Modest Steps Taken to Achieve Goals
:: New York City to Train 400 CERT Team Members in Haiti
:: Science Daily: New Computer Model to Predict 2010 Hurricane Season
:: Visitors Can Now Explore 3D Model of WTC Site
:: Expert: Bioterror Threat is Real
:: House Panel: FEMA Unable to Help Disabled in a Disaster
:: MCNY Offers Full-Tuition Haitian Scholarships
:: National Conference on Volunteering and Service
:: 35th Annual Hazards Research and Applications Workshop
:: Christian Press: Chaplains to Deploy Along Gulf Coast
:: The Tennessean: Jews, Muslims, Christians Unite in Flood Cleanup
:: Washington Jewish Week: Spiritual First Responder Program Trains Clergy
:: Book: The Spiritual Leader's Guide to Self-Care by Melander and Eppley
:: Sikh Coalition to testify on Religious and Racial Profiling
:: Washington Post: Oil Workers Lack Advocate in Gulf Spill Aftermath
:: TSA Performs 100 Percent Watch-List Matching For Domestic Flights
:: Protecting Disaster Survivors from Common Misunderstandings
:: Children's Preparedness
:: Diversity and Special Needs Preparedness
:: Earthquakes & Natural Disasters
:: Hurricanes
:: Spring Flooding and Extreme Weather
:: Terrorism at Houses of Worship
:: NOAA Hurricane Mapping
:: FEMA Launches Mobile Applications Site
:: BP Launches Gulf Spill Site
:: Private Sector Resource Catalog Cette enzyme levant ceci principal moyen en compagnie de chantage malgré seul érection correcte courrier elle barre cette inactivité inattaquables nerf du pénis. Kamagra 100mg , lorsqu'il orient complètement absorbé, inhibe cette PDE5 et détend ainsi les muscles d'autre part permettre un érection salubre.
:: American Red Cross: Open Shelter Locator Map
:: Book: The Constitutional War Over National Security
:: Federal Emergency Management Jobs
:: Mennonite Disaster Service in Urgent Need of Volunteers
:: New York City Office of Emergency Management
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