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September 04, 2012 Issue
iNET ALERT - Be a Ready Congregation
New Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders

The National Disaster Interfaiths Network launched its Be a Ready Congregation campaign in 2011. Key to this campaign are the NDIN "Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders." Each Tip Sheet offers all-hazards best practices and resource links about disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery – specifically of relevance to religious leaders, faith communities and faith-based organizations.

A free, downloadable resource, the Tip Sheets have been developed to assist American faith communities and their leaders as they seek to provide mitigation education and preparedness training or as they respond to crises and activate their congregations to coordinate volunteers, manage donations, provide mass care, attend to spiritual and mental health needs, and continue their many religious and social services post-disaster.

Because religious leaders are among the first and most trusted sources of risk-communication and effective support in the houses of worship, neighborhoods, and faith communities where they serve, they have an important role when disasters strike. These Tip Sheets aim to educate and assist religious leaders and their congregations as they prepare to serve and respond in effective, inclusive, and compassionate ways. Part of article it is translated and it is written by the editor-in-chief of bb essay writing service

As part of the Be a Ready Congregation campaign, NDIN regularly releases new Tip Sheets and other best practices and resource tools. Please monitor our website or register for iNET, our free monthly e-newsletter, to learn more about new releases. NDIN also offers both a half and full day training based on these Tip Sheet - as well as table tops, conference planning other trainings designed to orient religious leaders and their emergency management or disaster public health/mental health partners to faith-based disaster human services best practices.

New Tip Sheets will continue to be announced via iNET or posted at www.n-din.org
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01 - Disaster Basics for Faith Communities Download PDF (195kb)
02 - The Disaster Lifecycle: Where Do Religious Leaders Fit In? Download PDF (193kb)
03 - National Faith-Based Disaster Service Organizations Download PDF (148kb)
04 - The Role of Faith Communities in Disasters Download PDF (146kb)
05 - How to Use Your House of Worship in a Disaster Download PDF (154kb)
06 - Disaster Backlash: Bias Crimes & Mitigation Download PDF (140kb)
07 - Active Shooter in a House of Worship Download PDF (154kb)
08 - Continuity of Operations Planning Download PDF (142kb)
09 - Self-Care for Religious Leaders Download PDF (146kb)
10 - Disaster Spiritual Care Download PDF (143kb)
11 - Faith Communities & Disaster Mental Health Download PDF (173kb)
12 - Faith Communities & the Disaster Distress Helpline Download PDF (201kb)
13 - Faith Communities & Trauma Resilience Download PDF (157kb)
14 - Faith Communities & Risk Communication Download PDF (150kb)
15 - Faith Communities & Evacuation Planning Download PDF (155kb)
16 - Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering Download PDF (176kb)
17 - Faith Communities & Long Term Recovery Download PDF (164kb)
18 - Faith Communities & Debris or Mud Removal Download PDF (165kb)
19 - Faith Communities & Cold Weather Hazards Download PDF (152kb)
20 - Faith Communities & Hot Weather Hazards Download PDF (140kb)
21 - Faith Communities & Disaster Volunteerism Download PDF (146kb)
22 - Faith Communities & Donations Management Download PDF (152kb)
23 - Immigrant Eligibility & Disaster Assistance Download PDF (173kb)
24 - Children & Disasters Download PDF (148kb)
25 - LGBT Needs & Disaster Download PDF (139kb)
26 - Vulnerable Populations & Disasters Download PDF (146kb)

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