Training for Trainers (T4T):
Training for Trainers Course


This curriculum equips and credentials qualified participants to teach the NDIN Disaster Emotional and Spiritual Care Curricula for Disaster Chaplains and Spiritual Care Workers. Disaster interfaiths, disaster chaplaincy organizations or judicatories bodies/faith communities in need of trainers can contact NDIN and set-up this two-day training for NDIN-credentialed chaplains. (Pre-requisite: two-day Disaster Chaplain Training and ICS 100)
This training is designed to enable participants to:
  • Accommodate the characteristics of adult learners
  • Utilize cooperative learning frameworks
  • Facilitate the Emotional and Spiritual Care Curriculum with  confidence



  • Explains and demonstrate subject matter clearly and succinctly
  • Adapts to needs and aspirations of trainees
  • Uses the language of the trainees
  • Offers constructive feedback without criticism


  • Covers materials as planned and as needed
  • Provides participant self-assessments throughout the session
  • Reserves sufficient time for evaluation at end of session


  • Accommodates different learning needs, styles, and rates within a training group
  • Maintains a sense of humor when the unexpected happens

Training Skills

  • Holds professional qualifications which formalize experience and credibility
  • Recognizes and is humble about gaps in own knowledge and experience; joins quest for answers
  • Demonstrates creativity and flexibility to resolve a range of training difficulties


  • Shows genuine interest in people, connecting with their needs, aspirations, and frustrations
  • Presents in a warm and approachable manner, motivating participants to engage in learning
  • Notes and resolves difficulties or problems that arise among participants in a session

Focus on Results

  • Advances the mission of NYDIS in each training
  • Motivates and equips participants to work effectively
  • Supports participants in gaining value and benefit for themselves

Subject Knowledge

  • Trains from direct, first-hand experience in subject
  • Shares enthusiasm for subject; engages participants in enthusiasm for their work
Facilitates collaborative learning according to adult pedagogical principles

This curriculum is solely licensed to NDIN and was developed by New York Disaster Interfaith Services in partnership with Episcopal Relief and Development.